My daughter’s favorite color is Orange. So, this year we decided to celebrate her birthday with this color as a theme. This is how:


  • Rangoli : Done primarily using Orange Color
  • Balloons : Only Orange Color
  • Flower Arrangements : Using Orange color flowers only
  • Window / door curtains of the rooms were replaced to have Orange color
  • We even changed the carpet to complete the theme


Recipe : Carrot Pulav

Rice : 1 Cup

Crated Carrot : 1 Cup

Onion : 1

Kitchens Of India Vegetable Biriyani Masala Mix : 1 Table Spoon

Ghee : 2 Table Spoon

Cashew Nut : 10

Coconut Milk : 1/2 Cup

Green Chilli : 2


  • Add Coconut Milk and Water in 1:1 ratio
  • Add 1 cup rice, make it cook in a pressure cooker
  • Put one Kadai in the stove, add 2 Table Spoon Ghee
  • Roast the cashewnuts and add crated carrot, onion, cook for two minutes
  • Add Kitchens Of India Vegetable Biriyani Masala Mix, Green Chillies and Salt
  • Cook for 10 minutes
  • Add the rice, Mix well
  • Serve hot

S. Uma

Note: Written for Kitchens Of India Contest at indiblogger website


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