Arun Became Healthy

This is the story of Sudha Didi, my walking mate. She is an old woman in her fifties, but she walks so fast with an energy that even youngsters can’t match.

Her only daughter is married and living in Mumbai. She has a son who is five years old.

Sudha Didi’s biggest worry is her grandson Arun was falling ill very often. As a result he was always feeling weak and dull. She worried constantly about him.

One day Arun visited his grandmother for some vacation. She decided to cure his frequent illnesses by doing something or other. She got appointment from the best doctor in our place.

Arun feel ill on the very first day of his visit. Sudha Didi was crestfallen to see him like that and was taking good care of him. I went to see them when the grandma and the grandson were having some conversation.

‘Arun, you are not feeling well, you should eat this roti so that you regain your energy.’

‘No grandma, I don’t want roti, I want pizza.’

‘Beta, roti is also like pizza only, please try this once.’

‘No grandma, my mom always makes me pizzas and burgers or she orders them, she gets me chips, chocolates and many other yummy things, you never make them, that’s why I got ill.’

We were shocked to hear this. When we enquired further, we learnt that the boy was literally living on a diet of fast food. It was fattening him and making him lose his immunity power. His mother was doing something very bad for her own son, without realizing it. She felt she is just cooking what he wanted or what other boys of his age ate.

Sudha Didi got to action immediately. She started making innovative local food like wheat Pizza, vegetable-rich cutlet, fruit salad and so on. She fed them to Arun with lots of stories on how they make him strong and healthy. She advised him not to eat fast food so frequently, ‘you can have it once in a while beta, not every day.’

I teased her that she can’t change a Mumbai kid like that. But she was confident her tricks would work, provided her daughter also cooperates.

In front of my eyes, I could see that magic. Arun slowly recovered and started playing again. He now loved Indian food, as long as they are presented in the right manner.

His parents were surprised to see this. They assured Sudha Didi that they will continue this healthy diet which is good for them too. They were eating fattening food unnecessarily.

Today Arun and his family are as healthy as Sudha Didi. They have become strong advocates of right food.

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