It was mothers day , a day which made me feel very special . I have two daughters  who came along with me and my husband to this meet.

The venue, which was the Vivanta hotel by Taj was splendid  . As a start they had fruit juice  and Horlicks to drink . After an introduction  session  the meet really began!!!

First of  all  Mrs Jill Castle ,  a nutritionist  from the United  States  gave us a talk on hidden hunger in Indian children .  She created awareness  about    hidden  hunger which made many of  us feel that our kids must have a diet consisting of all the essential  nutrients . It was a very effective  speech indeed.

After this Mr Khan talked to us about Horlicks and told us about what it contains. We then saw a video by Horlicks made for  Mothers day.I was on cloud 9 after seeing it!

Later , all the doctors  assembled  there, gave us some information  about  hidden  hunger and how to put an end to it. Horlicks  had just come  up with  an  app called NUTRIMETER which  tells the parent what nutrients  their child has missed out that day. For example  if the child had not taken food consisting of iron it might say ” oops missed out on iron today ! “.

I think  this is a  great idea as a solution  to hidden hunger . I learnt a lot today.

Then all of us  were divided into  14 groups  and a quick  quiz was organised  based on  the  meet. After this we all had dinner  which  was lip smacking!

We all enjoyed  a lot! It was a most fabulous  Indiblogger meet and a most memorable  mothers  day  for me!!!

: Uma