A Touching Story!

‘How important is touch?’ Chandra wondered.

She and her husband had different opinions on this. Of course, he loved her too. But, he didn’t try to express it with simple touches now and then. Chandra wanted them and wished he would understand.

It is a difficult topic to discuss. She didn’t know how to make him understand it.

During their second marriage anniversary, they went for a candle light dinner in a fancy restaurant. It was great, they were talking a lot. But throughout the dinner, Chandra couldn’t stop thinking ‘just hold my hand, at least once, please!’

When her implicit wish was not granted, she thought, ‘Why should I wait for him to make the first move? Let me hold his hand, and see how he responds!’

After few minutes, her husband reached out to serve some rice for himself. Chandra casually reached the same bowl and made sure their hands were touching.

It happened like a lightning, only for few seconds. But the impact was really huge. She could see her husband hesitating and thinking about something. May be, all those things which were in his mind, those things which he never believed or wanted to say are confusing him.

He didn’t react. They finished dinner and came out of the restaurant. While they were walking towards the car, he asked, ‘What about a small walk?’


They started walking together. Slowly, very slowly their fingers joined and they were enjoying the breeze in the road. They were talking nonstop and they could see that some chemistry is working now! Chandra was now confident her husband would understand her better and they will be happy!

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion has come up with a “Bring Back The Touch” campaign in their website http://www.pblskin.com/ about rekindling romance. This wonderful video explains how a simple touch can do magic in life.


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