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Mridula got married to Saravanan. His family was living in a village and Mridula had to move there.

It was not a problem for Mridula because she herself came from a village and grew up there. She loved village life and she loved her husband. So she looked forward to a happy married life.

It was happy alright, except a small problem.

Actually Saravanan and his family members saw it as a small problem. But for Mridula, it was a huge problem: she found that her husband’s family didn’t have a toilet. They all used open spaces for this purpose. She was horrified to know this.

Mridula father had built a toilet in their home. So she was used to that and knew the benefits of good hygiene. So she asked her husband to build a toilet for everyone’s benefit.

But Saravanan refused. He didn’t have money. He also thought it’s a luxury only rich people need. He didn’t understand why Mridula makes it such a big issue.

Mridula fought for many days. She didn’t get anyone’s support and finally gave up. She got used to open toilets. She felt ashamed, uncomfortable and helpless about it. But she couldn’t do anything about it.

Few months later, a van came to their village. It had the logo of Domex and officers spoke to the public in the village. They mentioned that they are going to build toilets for that village and help them maintain it so that people can use them comfortably.

‘But who will pay for them?’ asked Mridula.

‘It is already paid for madam’ the officer told.

‘But who paid for them?’

‘Thousands of people have paid for your toilet by visiting our website and clicking on contribute. You must thank them.’

Mridula was very happy to hear this. She felt so happy about people online listening to her, while her own husband refused. She now happily uses that toilet, thanks to those unknown people.

Not just she; Mridula’s husband and other family members also started using the toilet. Even other villagers who originally rejected it as a fancy thing learnt the benefits of it and came forward to use it. Some of them built their own toilets, including Mridula’s husband.

Slowly, face of the village changed. Villagers learnt the importance of using sanitation facilities instead of using open spaces and that made them healthy.

Mridulas are still there in India. They want good sanitation facilities and it is their right to get them. However, due to lack of money or knowledge they are not able to get them. Domex is committed to help them all. Please do your bit by visiting their website and clicking on “contribute”. For every click, Domex donates Rs 5 to projects for eradicating open defecation. Tell your friends too.


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