Happiness in knowing

I saw this AD from Coke and started thinking about defining happiness and how simple things make us happy. Once incident came to my mind which I feel helps me understand what happiness means to me.

When I was in college, they used to screen a movie for the hostellers every week.

Our college auditorium will be converted to a movie theatre only for that day. They will screen a movie which all students from hostel can watch for free.

It was not a big thing for senior students, because they could go and watch whatever movie they can. First year students didn’t have that privilege. They can’t go anywhere, except class rooms.

Hence, first year students enjoyed these weekly movies. We used to wait eagerly for that day.

Funny thing is those movies were not new. They used to screen movies which were at least 10 years old. Most of us would have watched those movies already.

But still, the opportunity to be with the crowd and enjoy a movie was amazing. So, we went and saw the movies again.

Another nice thing about this weekly movie is, we wouldn’t know what is the movie being screened. Sometimes, we won’t even know the name of the movie till they start screening it.

After couple of months, someone told us that they display the poster of that week’s movie in a notice board. We can come to know the name of the movie two days earlier.

But, that board was in some other corner of the college. We are not allowed to go that side.

One of our friends found a cool trick to get to that notice board. I don’t remember what the trick was, but it allowed us to go to that corner of the college and see the notice board.

This meant, we came to know about the name of the movie two days in advance, and then we can go to the hostel and tell everybody. They used to look at us as if we have a superior IQ than them.

When I think about this incident now, it is a silly thing. That is an old movie, anyone will come to know the name of the movie after two days; still, we found some pleasure in finding that name early and telling others.

What value that ‘happiness’ has today? May be nothing. But at that time, it felt like the best thing to do and we did it every week.

After we entered second year, we didn’t have to watch the weekly movies screened in college. We could go and watch latest movies.

But even then, I used to go and see that notice board every week, to know which movie they are screening. We used to joke about how ancient those movies were. But we didn’t stop checking for that information.

Today, when I browse Facebook, I feel like the same college boy going to that notice board to know the name of the movie that will be screened that week. It is absolutely useless information, but I want to know it and I feel happy to know it.

Many people feel time spent on Facebook is wasted. But I believe it is in our genes to know what is happening around us and Facebook makes it super easy. For the same reason, we find simple pleasures in things like chatting with friends, gossiping etc. We can spend that time in other useful things. But then, all work and no play is not something anyone wants!

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